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Lindsay Mitchell MT219-09 Consumer Reports impacts what brand that the buyers are going to buy and if they are going to get what they need out of the product. I help them learn facts about the products and if it is going to work how it says it will. Consumer Reports helps the buyer become more knowledgeable about the products that are on the market and helps them to choose a product that is going to better suit their needs. It also helps them to get more quality for their money. Consumer Reports gives the buyers a
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Unformatted text preview: personal perspective and that makes the buyer feel more secure about the reports that they are reading. It lets them know that the information that they are reading is researched and tested instead of just someone’s opinion. Having cold hard facts helps to make the decision making process much easier. When you have all the facts before you purchase something it pretty much eliminates the doubts that you may have afterward when you are evaluating the merchandise after you get home with it....
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