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LindsayMitchell2.project.unit6 - environment play during...

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1. What special requirements does Merck have to concern themselves with during their product development process that makes it difficult to bring these new products onto the market? I couldn’t find anything real specific but I know that they have to make sure that it is going make people better not worse and they have to discover what side affects that is may have if any. Also if it will cause a reaction in people that have food allergies or are taking other medications and it has to be approved by the FDA before it is released. 2. Merck has a lot of interaction with the legal and regulatory aspects of the marketing environment, most often the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). From what you have seen on the Merck website, how important a role does the legal and regulatory
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Unformatted text preview: environment play during the new drug development process at Merck? Give specific examples. 3. Based on your reading of the text, how important would the business analysis phase of the new product development process be for Merck? Explain. 4. Find Merck’s mission statement on the Merck website. Based on what you have seen on the Merck website, how does Merck strive to make their research activities consistent with their mission and values? Give examples. 5. Look at the medicines on the patients and caregivers site ( http:// www.merck.com /product/patients_ caregivers.html ). How helpful is that site in helping you understand Merck's product line...
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LindsayMitchell2.project.unit6 - environment play during...

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