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LindsayMitchell2.project.unit2 - It is the people that...

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1. For one their energy is all from the wind so they are not paying for the cost of standard electricity. Sure it is costly to get those wind mills up and going but they said something about running off of the states or something so I don’t think that they had to really put up tons of money to get them put in. The mills are going to help them out financially in the long run and they also try and recycle office supplies that they are able too. I think that people that know about these things are going to appreciate it and that might make them choose New Belgium beer over other manufactures. 2. I don’t think that they have to justify it. I think that it is a great thing that they are donating anything. They do not have to donate any money that they make but they do and that is a very good thing. If people drinking beer helps someone else out then so be it! 3. Making the beer doesn’t have anything to do with not being socially responsible.
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Unformatted text preview: It is the people that abuse the privilege of drinking alcoholic beverages that are not socially responsible. For goodness sake even Jesus drank wine, that’s an alcoholic beverage!!! I do believe that New Belgium Brewing is in touch with environmental trends. They are doing their part to help out the environment such as using the wind to power their factory and recycling what they can in the office to help reduce the amount of trash in the world and so that less trees will have to be cut down to make more paper and such. 4. Budweiser has a new building going up that is going to be green and environmentally friendly. It is going to be much larger than NBB but they are a lot bigger company so it is no big surprise. They are both doing the same type of thing and if Budweiser’s is better than it is because they have the finances to make it that way....
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LindsayMitchell2.project.unit2 - It is the people that...

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