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1. How would you classify tires? Explain. I would definitely classify tires as a shopping product. People shop for tires in the sense that tires are expensive so they want to find the best deal for the money. You have to do research to find out who makes the best tire, what their safety ratings are and what consumer reports say about them. 2. How does Goodyear use its website to communicate information about the quality of its tires? The Goodyear website goes into great detail about the different types of tires that they make and the purposes of those tires. They tell you about their heritage and that they have been a trusted brand for more than 100 years. The website is so well laid out that you don’t have to waste any time trying to find the information that you need. Which is a good thing since people like to find out information they are looking for with no hassle? 3. How does Goodyear's website demonstrate product and design features? They make it very easy to figure out what they have. There is a place where you put in the information about you vehicle
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