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1. Are laptop computers elastic or inelastic? I think they are elastic; they are not something that you have to have but something that is very much desired. 2. Is competition primarily on price or non-price factors? When it comes to the two brands of Apple and Dell it could be either or. Apple is a top of the line electronic. They are a much better quality than Dell will ever be and they have that sharp clean sophisticated look. But the price of an Apple laptop is outrageously expensive. Dell is a less expensive electronic but the quality is not going to be nearly as good. So I guess the answer would be price factors definitely. There are not many people that can afford an Apple laptop or computer, especially in the slump that our economy is in today. 3. What pricing objectives do Apple and Dell seem to employ? (Hint - compare the highest
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Unformatted text preview: and lowest priced laptops for each) The highest priced laptop for Apple is the 17 inch Mac Book Pro for 2799 and the cheapest is the 13 inch Mac Book for 1299. The most expensive Dell laptop is the XPS M1730 for 2049 and the cheapest is the Insperison Mini 9n for 249. 4. What psychological and promotional pricing tactics can you identify? The main thing that I noticed is on Dells website for some of their more expensive laptops they show that you are getting a savings of either 100 dollars or 500 or what not and that affects psychological reasoning. It makes you feel like you are getting such a good deal and really a lot of times the deals are just thrown in there to make you think just that. They raise the price and then give you a discount to make you feel better about it thinking that it is on sale....
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LindsayMitchell2.project.unit7 - and lowest priced laptops...

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