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William Song English 124.014 Caroline Miller Paper #4 The city never sleeps. The city is too vast and crowded for a place to be small and less frequented. Every little crevice, every important landmark, every department store, and every mode of transportation are filled with one thing in common and that is a plethora of people. In “Involvement vs. Space” and “Space” William Eisner portrays the people’s choices to go to these “places” that bring about intimacy or isolation. Space is all about perception. The city that the people inhabit are all taking up some sort of space, places like subways, elevators, and even the crowded sidewalk that
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Unformatted text preview: gives a reason for people to move away or use the available space as room to maneuver in a nonchalant way as the city is crowded and filled to the capacity with different personalities. In “Involvement vs. Space”, A man seems to be in pain. A heart attack seems to have transpired. As the man is in pain and struggling to prop himself up, while leaning on the brick wall, the people keep on passing by. The man on the wall grimaces and starts to perspirate looking at the other people passing him by. The man looks to the other...
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