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TA: Jason Smith OH: W 4-5pm Sun God Lounge BICD 110 Email: [email protected] LECTURE 10 *Note: I’m not really going to bother with the biochemistry of everything, but you do need to know it* CHEMIOSMOSIS – an example of a reaction The cell couples the energy of H + flowing a gradient with the of ATP Electron Transport Chain Found in the mitochondria Series of protein complexes that guide e - flow to energy state As electrons go down the chain proteins pump H + ions across the inner membrane o Creates the that powers ATP synthesis! Photosystems Found in the chloroplast Use energy to force electrons into a HIGHER energy state As electrons move along the photosystem proteins here also pump H + ions across a membrane o ATP made here is used in the dark reactions of the chloroplast MITOCHONDRIA – Extremely (plastic), not just the fixed cylinders we see in pictures -Can divide ( ) or can fuse together ( ) -Some are free to move around the cell using microtubules -While others are fixed in position: 1. Sarcomeres 2. Sperm tails Fractionation experiment (KNOW PROCESS) -By manipulating osmolarity can break the mitochondrion up into its constituent membranes and compartments and them -Important because it allows scientists to where things are Tells you what’s happening in what parts Oxidative Phosphorylation - Essentially, using the energy of a gradient created by the ETC to power synthesis of ATP -In mitochondria the ETC and ATP synthase are both located on the membrane -Protons are pumped from the to the membrane space ATP SYNTHASE F-type pump – can work Proton flow causes the head to , phosphorylating ADP to ATP Suppose the mitochondrion depletes its proton gradient doing other things like transport…. o
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3606372874001 - TA Jason Smith Email [email protected] OH W...

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