BICD 110 � Lec 6

BICD 110 � Lec 6 - BICD 110 Lec 6 (4/15/10)...

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BICD 110 – Lec 6 (4/15/10) Intracellular compartments and protein sorting I. Cell is highly compartmentalized a. Isolate reactions by sorting them in diff organelles. II. Intracellular copartments a. Endoplasmic reticulum, extends from the nuclear membrane. Rough ER has ribosomes where protein synthesis takes place b. Golgi apparatus: packaging c. Lysosomes: digestive organelles d. Peroxisome- oxidative rxns to remove molecular o2 III. A liver cell a. Inc surface area to organize rxns. b. Topologically equivalent? Spatially similar. IV.Transport a. Gated transport- nechanism where there are channels that are controlled by complexes where the gates open and close. b. Transmembrane transport: protein goes through the lipid bilayer c. Vesicular transport: travels through vesicles that fuse with membrane V. Signal sequence: a. All of these are in the cytosol, so how do you know where they go, they have signal sequences of amino acids . i. To nucleus: positively charged aa Arg & Lys
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ii. b. nuclear pore: limited in the size. i.
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BICD 110 � Lec 6 - BICD 110 Lec 6 (4/15/10)...

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