ho3 - TA: Jason Smith Email: Jes008@Ucsd.edu OH: W 4-5pm...

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TA: Jason Smith OH: W 4-5pm Sun God Lounge BICD 110 Email: Jes008@Ucsd.edu LECTURE 6 Why compartmentalize? - Allows the cell to reactions, and increases membrane surface area needed for vital reactions that take place on it! Topology : different areas within a cell can be equivalent For example, the of vesicles is topologically equivalent to the of a cell -The cell does this because the stuff inside most vesicles ends up outside, and through the topology, the contents of the vesicle don’t need to a membrane TRANSPORT Three major types: 1. Gated: flow of things into and out of the nucleus from the cytosol 2. Transmembrane: allows proteins to go through a lipid bilayer 3. Vesicular: transport of materials between separate compartments Vesicular Transport Driven by and of vesicles Material is transported from a donor compartment to a target compartment Contents of vesicle lumen AS WELL AS on the vesicle membrane can be transported Signal Sequences (no, you don’t need to memorize them ;p) -Specific sequence of amino acids on a protein that directs transport to allow for correct distribution and shuttling of the protein Kind of like an on a letter you want to mail -Many utilize patterns of charged amino acids Gated Transport (into and out of the nucleus) Everything must go through the nuclear pore complex: the selective gateway of the nucleus Made up of 30 different proteins, which forms an octagonal complex Fibrils on the cytosolic side bind to receptors and allow proteins in The pores are highly : without an import receptor, very hard for large things to get through o Small molecules can diffuse through easily though Channel is fairly small, so how do big things get in? o
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ho3 - TA: Jason Smith Email: Jes008@Ucsd.edu OH: W 4-5pm...

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