BIPN102-lec3 - BIPN102- Lec3 Roles of the anteplurel,...

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BIPN102- Lec3 Roles of the anteplurel, alveolar, airway, and atmospheric pressures Main points: always positive pressure, transpulmonary pressure, between the alveolar, airways, and interplurel place which is what keeps the lungs from collapsing Forced expiration, interplurel pressure becomes positive and above atmospheric, to compress the alveoli, but the pressure in the alveoli is greater than interplurel Limit to airflow even if we incr pressure, small airway is in throactic cavity, inc pressure in interplurel space that will compress the the bronchi, so if we inc driving force, we also inc resistance. This is called dynamic compression of airways . Most apparent when there is medium or low volume, because lung is not stretched. Emphysema, lost of elastic fibers. People with emphysema will have difficult in expiring air forcefully, breath with less effort. Changes that occur during resting respiration—tidal respiration/ventilation Plot of alveolar pressure during inspiration/ expiration. At bottom we have interplurel pressure, interplurel pressure is more negative than alveolar pressure. Interplurel pressure may change by 3mmHg, while the alveolar changes 1mmHg, which is sufficient to move tidal volume of air -- ~500ml. The most useful test of respiratory function is the spirometer. Measures the volume of expiration. We can measure a series of lung capacities. We measure the volume beingmoved as function of time At rest, normal tidal volume: (V Tidal ) – ~.5L Expel as much air as possible after tidal inspiration: expiratory reserve volume (ERV)
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BIPN102-lec3 - BIPN102- Lec3 Roles of the anteplurel,...

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