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BIPN 144-lec7 - BIPN 144(Lec 7 Somite lateral(slightly more...

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Picture 1 BIPN 144 (Lec 7) Somite: lateral (slightly more ventral) mesoderm Dorsal mesoderm gives rise to the notochord. Migratory cells: make facial bonesm pigment cells. Migrate between somite and neural tube ventral region: three different markers floorplate: ventral midline of nerual tube, involved in attracting outgrowth of axons. Imp source of singaling from hedge hog family. More dorsal: sertonergic nerve:makes seratonin. Motor neurons: I. Cutting/pasting: someone grafted the notochord in the dorsal-ish position a. Underneath it, you get the floorplate and sertonergic neuron and the motor neuron to one side away from the most dorsal region.
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Picture 2 b. Something in the dorsal must be leaking out to pattern this. II. Several hedgehog members (group of signals) a. Sonic or SHH is expressed in the notochord b. Cliff took neural tube, and put a bead soaked in SHHwhee the grafted notochord would have been, he found the same patterns as when notochord was grafted. c. Not only does notochord produce SHH, so does the floorplate.
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