Which side was responsible for the Korean War

Which side was responsible for the Korean War - William...

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William Song Song, 1 Asian 205 Section 002 10 April 2006 The world is a bestial place. Politics and influence tend to be the deciding factor on the history that will take place. An event in World History which took the lives of many American, Korean, and Chinese soldiers and civilians for conflicting views of governing a country was fought between the two divided Koreas in a failed attempt to come to a truce. There are many opinions about the origins of the Korean War, whether it was a war brought upon by the politics made by the superpowers occupying their respective part of Korea or a civil dispute between North and South Korean governments. Without the Japanese colonization of Korea in 1905, “there would have been a war in 1950.” 1 It was inevitable for Korea not to be an ally of either to the Japanese or to the Americans during World War II. The events which took place between the years of 1945-1949 are crucial in understanding the forthcoming of the Korean War and “…secondarily in forces descending upon Korea in the period of colonial rule that left their particular stamp on the interwar years.” 2 The Joint Commission or the four-powers consisting of the United States, China, Great Britain, and the Soviet Union all agreed that “they would administer Korea on the 1 Meador, Daniel J. The Korean War in Retrospect . (Maryland: University Press,1998) 5. 2 Cumings, Bruce. Origins of the Korean War , Vol. 1; Liberation and the Establishment of Separate Regimes. (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1981) 116.
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Song, 2 basis of a four-power trusteeship until it acquired self-rule.” 3 On January 16, 1946 the Joint Commission began its “deliberations at Seoul on January 16, 1946.” 4 The Americans wanted a United Korea and the Soviets wanted to keep the country split in two. As countries feuded back and forth during numerous meetings, the “resentment was growing against all Americans in the area.” 5 The U.S. decided to set up elections for the first time in South Korea to form a national government. But the Soviets later claimed that through the U.S.’ action of notifying the U.N. of the election was to break the Moscow Agreement which was an agreement for “united action, pledged for the prosecution of the war against their
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Which side was responsible for the Korean War - William...

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