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Egyptians believed that people had to be mummified to live forever. They thought that after the person was dead their soul became something different. Reports indicate that the soul took the shape of a bird. Egyptians saw heaven as paradise. They often called heaven the "Field of Reeds" where people grew crops. They thought the crops grew a foot taller in heaven. Mummification is a long and sacred part of Egyptian history. This essay will help outline the mummification and burial process often performed only for the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. For centuries mummification was a wonderful and great privilege enjoyed by the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt. From about 2500 B.C. many more people were able to hope for immortality by having themselves embalmed. Mummification remained an expensive business, well beyond most Egyptians. The process of mummification preserves the body so it won't rot away. It is also called embalming. After the person was dead the embalmer would take out the internal organs; intestines, lungs, stomach, and liver. Perhaps the
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