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Piero Della Francesca 360

Piero Della Francesca 360 - Piero Della Francesca was an...

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Piero Della Francesca was an early Italian renaissance artist with an individual style and perspective that linked geometry and art together to create works of intense religious value. He believed that forms should have the purity of geometry, and was dubbed the "monarch of painting" by Luca Pacioli. His theories and perspectives have been studied by artists all over the world. Piero was born in Borgo San Sepolcra, Italy around 1415. His father worked as a wool and leather merchant, and his mother lived in the nearby town of Monterchi. Piero Della Francesca began his career in art by taking an apprenticeship with Antonio d'Anghiari, although it is believed that he was strongly influenced by Domenico Veneziano. Piero Della Francesca applied a deep understanding of Florentine art to his paintings that is common to many of Veneziano's great works. It is thought that Piero worked as an assistant to Domenico Veneziano for painting the fresco "History of the Virgin" for the church of Saint Egidio. Some of Piero's earlier works display lucid colors and
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