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Lec8 - Lecture 8 Building a C Windows Application PIC 10C...

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1 Lecture 8: Building a C# Windows Application PIC 10C Todd Wittman C# Windows Application square6 A windows application allows you to build a graphical user interface (GUI) for your program. square6 You lay out the controls you want on a form in design mode. You then define actions or callbacks for the events in the corresponding cs file. square6 When you create a new project, select C# Windows Application. square6 This will automatically create a blank form called Form1. square6 Every form has two parts: Design Window and Source File. square6 You can create multiple forms within the same project. Today we'll just deal with one simple form.
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2 The Toolbox square6 In the design window, you should see a Toolbox that lists the available controls. (If you don't see it, select at top View -> Toolbox.) square6 To add a control to your form, just drag and drop or double-click the control name. square6 We will eventually learn how to use all the different controls. Today we will focus on the three most common controls: square6 Label
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