S09_10C_key1 - Midterm Exam, 5/4/09 PIC 10C, Spring 2009...

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Midterm Exam, 5/4/09 PIC 10C, Spring 2009 KEY You have 50 minutes to complete this exam. This exam is open book, open notes. Write your answers carefully. Incomplete, unintelligible, or illegible answers will receive little or no credit. When you are asked to write a program, it is not necessary to comment your code but you are expected to indent appropriately to make your code easier to follow. There are a total of 50 points on this exam. PAGE SCORE POSSIBLE 1 10 2 8 3 7 4 25 TOTAL 50
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1 WRITTEN PART 1.) [2 points] In C#, what does the GroupBox control do and when is it used? The GroupBox control tells the program that a collection of controls are associated with each other in a group. This is useful for setting up groups of radio buttons, because only one radio button in a group can be checked at a time. 2.) [2 points] Mr. Burns stores the names of all his employees in a C++ list L<string> , sorted from most valuable to the least valuable employee. Mr. Burns wants to know who to fire next, so he tries the following code to print out his worst employee. cout << L.end(); Unfortunately, this code gives a run-time error. Explain what the error is and show how to fix it. The node at L.end() is a NULL sentinel node, so there is no data to print. To fix it, he should set the iterator at the end() and back up one. list<string>::iterator iter = L.end(); iter--; cout << *iter; 3.) [6 points] Write the single line of C++ code that accomplishes the following tasks. You may use the <algorithm> library and the STL constainers.
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S09_10C_key1 - Midterm Exam, 5/4/09 PIC 10C, Spring 2009...

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