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1C Hayton handout 1 - 2. Draw Lewis structures for the...

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CLAS Chem 1C Handout 1 Ch 13 Bonding 13.1-3, 13.9-13 1. Put the following in order of: a. increasing electronegativity N, Be, K F, Cl, C b. increasing polarity H-F, H-O, H-H C-F, C-Cl, C-Br Rules for drawing Lewis structures : 1. Add up all the valence electrons for the molecule. If the molecule has a negative charge, add electrons, if it has a positive charge, subtract electrons. 2. Form single bonds between the atoms first (two electrons per bond). 3. Arrange the remaining electrons to satisfy the duet rule (2 e - ) for hydrogen and the octet rule (8 e - ) for second row elements. How to calculate formal charge : FC = (# of valence e- on free atom) - (# of e- around atom in Lewis structure)
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Draw Lewis structures for the following. Show resonance where applicable. a. PH 3 b. NO 2-c. C 2 H 2 d. CO 3 2-e. NH 4 + f. HCN 3. For the following, draw two Lewis structures, one which satisfies the octet rule and one which minimizes formal charge. a. BeF 2 b. SO 3 4. Order the following species with respect to the carbon-oxygen bond length (shortest to longest): CO, CO 2 , CO 3 2-, CH 3 OH What is the order from weakest to strongest carbon-oxygen bond? 5. Predict the molecular geometry of the following molecules and state whether polar or nonpolar. a. CCl 4 b. H 2 CO c. SO 2 d. NF 3 e. I 3-f. BrF 5...
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1C Hayton handout 1 - 2. Draw Lewis structures for the...

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