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ECE 228A: PROBLEM SET #2 DUE TUESDAY, October 27, 2010 READING: Read Agrawal, Chapter 2 PROBLEMS: 1. Show that the bit rate of an optical communications system operating at the zero dispersion wavelength is limited by 8 1 2 S BL where S=dD/d and is the RMS spectral width of the Gaussian source spectrum. Assume that C=0 and V >>1 in the general expression of the output pulse width. 2. A 1.55 m optical commuication systm operating at 5 Gb/s is using Gaussian pulses of width 100 ps (FWHM) chirped such at C=-6.
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Unformatted text preview: What is the dispersion limited maximum fiber length? How much will it change if the pulses were unchirped? Neglect the laser linewidth and assume that 2 = -20 ps 2 /km. 3. Calculate the threshold power for stimulated Raman scattering for a 20 km fiber link operating at 1.55 m and having a loss of 0.2 dB/km. Assume that A eff =50 m 2 and g R =5x10-13 m/W. Suppose the pump is a 1 ps long pulse. How does that change the calculation?...
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