BIO188 Midterm 3 Sample Exam 1 S10

BIO188 Midterm 3 Sample Exam 1 S10 - BIO188 Midterm 3 This...

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BIO188 Midterm 3 This exam contains 40 questions on 8 pages. Each question has the same value. Fill in your name, subject and today’s date on your Scantron sheet before you begin. Read each question carefully, think before you answer and mark the letter corresponding to the SINGLE most correct answer on the scantron sheet. Use a No. 2 pencil only. Make dark marks. Erase any changes completely or fill in a new scantron sheet. Return the question sheet at the end of the exam. 1. During which phase of mitosis does replication occur? A. G1 B. G0 C. G2 D. S E. M 2. Which of the following is NOT a component of a nucleotide? A. amino acid B. ribose C. deoxyribose D. phosphate E. nitrogenous base 3. In DNA replication the lagging strand is synthesized in segments called A. replisomes B. Chrgaff’s segments C. sister chromatids D. Okazaki fragments E. nucleosomes 4. The RNA molecule synthesized during transcription is complementary to the ________ strand and similar to the __________ strand of DNA. A. Okazaki . . . Chargaff B. leading . . . lagging C. tRNA . . . rRNA D. template . . . coding E. coding . . . template 5. The G0 phase of mitosis is characterized by? A. The primary growth phase B. The secondary growth phase C. A resting state lasting days to years D. Replication of mitochondria and other organelles E. DNA replication
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6. If the egg cells of a sexually reproducing organism have 16 chromosomes its nerve cells would have ______ chromosomes. A. 4 B. 8 C. 16 D. 32 E. 64 7. Hershey and Chase showed that: A. information could be transferred from dead to live bacteria via transformation B. DNA is the hereditary information and not protein C. DNA replication is semi-conservative D. Showed that RNA was the original genetic material E. none of the above 8. Which of the following is true for both prokaryotic and eukaryotic gene expression? A. After transcription mRNA is processed into a mature transcript B. Translation of mRNA can begin before transcription is complete C. RNA polymerase may recognize a promoter region and begin transcription D. mRNA is synthesized in the 3’-to-5’ direction E. the mature mRNA transcript is the exact complement of the gene from which it was copied 9. The result of meiosis is that? A. Four haploid cells are produced B. Two diploid cells are produced C. Four diploid cells are produced D. Four autosomes are produced E. Four chiasmata are produced 10. The enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of a new DNA molecule is: A. DNA polymerase B. RNA polymerase C. DNA ligase D. histone E. nucleotidase 11. Which of the follow is NOT a mechanism by which genetic variation increases in a species?
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BIO188 Midterm 3 Sample Exam 1 S10 - BIO188 Midterm 3 This...

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