Topic 14 - 10 points on genomes S10 1pp

Topic 14 - 10 points on genomes S10 1pp - in related...

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1 1 Genomes Chapter 21 2 Genomes - TOP 10 1. Genome definition : The entire complement of genetic material in a chromosome set. The entire genetic complement of a prokaryote, virus, mitochondrion or chloroplast or the haploid nuclear genetic complement of a eukaryotic species. 2. Human genome contains approx. 20, 500 genes Less than mouse, rice, Arabidopsis , zebrafish More than Drosophila, about same as worm ( C. elegans ) Predicted approx. 100, 000 genes Largest size in terms of base pairs of any of above species (3.2 billion) 3. Computer analysis is required to handle the data genomes New discipline called bioinformatics 3 Genomes - TOP 10 4. Single nucleotide polymorphisms ( SNPs ) = single nucleotide change between individuals Differences between individuals within a species Average 1 in 100 -300 bases 5. Comparative genomics reveals conserved regions in genomes Synteny refers to conserved arrangements of segments of DNA
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Unformatted text preview: in related genomes Difference between species is partly due to rearrangement of segments of chromosomes 2 4 Genomes - TOP 10 6. Organelle genomes have exchanged genes with the nuclear genome by lateral transfer Mitochondria & chloroplasts cannot function independently of nucleus 5 Genomes - TOP 10 7. Functional genomics reveals gene function at genome level DNA microarrays- test for changes in expression of all genes in a genome simultaneously Transgenics Gene knockouts 8. Genomics is useful for identifying infectious disease & improving agricultural crops 6 Genomes - TOP 10 9. Proteomics is the study of all proteins encoded by the genome of an organism Protein microarrays 10. Ethical issues associated with genomic information Individual genome data Health insurance companies Criminals & the innocent...
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Topic 14 - 10 points on genomes S10 1pp - in related...

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