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introduction - – responsiveness to environment –...

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ntroduction Anatomy & Physiology Structure and Function Human Structure Human Function Anatomy and Physiology Observation of structure – Gross anatomy is what is visible with naked eye – Histology is examination of cells/tissues with microscope Study of bodily functions – Comparative physiology involves the study of different species – Basis for the development of new drugs and medical procedures
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ntroduction Human Structure Hierarchy of complexity – organism composed of organ systems – organ systems composed of organs – organs composed of tissues – tissues composed of cells – cells composed of organelles – organelles composed of molecules – molecules composed of atoms Human Function Characteristics of life – homeostasis – cellular composition – use raw materials and remove waste products – metabolism (use energy)
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Unformatted text preview: – responsiveness to environment – development (growth or differentiation) – reproduction – evolution Major Themes ± Unifying principles behind all aspects of human anatomy and physiology – cell theory: all structure & function result from the activity of cells – homeostasis: maintaining stable conditions within the body – evolution: the body is a product of evolution, molded by years of natural selection – hierarchy of structure: levels of complexity – structure determines function (and vice versa): physiology can not be separated from anatomy Review Questions 1. What is anatomy? 2. What is physiology? 3. Describe the organizational levels of human structure (from atom to organism). 4. Define homeostasis. 5. Explain at least five characteristics of life....
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introduction - – responsiveness to environment –...

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