Transport protein mediated protein mediated active

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Unformatted text preview: ration gradient t ti di t Energy (usually ATP) required Prominent example is the sodiumsodium-potassium pump 3 Na+ out/2 K+ in/1 ATP used Primary vs. Secondary Active Transport Primary aka ATP-dependent ATPDirectly uses energy from ATP Secondary aka ATP-independent ATPuses energy from ion gradients (usually Na+) the gradient dependent upon ATP Plasma Membrane and Transport 6 BIO 201 Bulk (Vesicular) Transport Transport of large particles or fluid droplets through membrane in bubblebubble-like vesicles of plasma membrane, uses ATP Exocytosis vesicular transport out of cell Endocytosis vesicular transport into cell phagocytosis engulfing large particles f Receptor Proteins Receive information about the environment Change shape when bound to "ligand" ligand Initiate a cellular response The cellular response 1st messengers direct response 2nd messengers indirect response Metabolic Mitotic Apoptotic (suicide) Growth Synthesis Development Plasma Membrane and Transport 7...
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