More rigid high conc more fluid 5 of the lipids found

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Unformatted text preview: % of the lipids, found only on extracellular face, contribute to glycocalyx (carbohydrate coating on cell surface) Plasma Membrane and Transport 2 BIO 201 Membrane Proteins Proteins constitute about 2% of the molecules found in plasma membrane Transmembrane proteins pass completely through membrane most are glycoproteins adhere to intracellular surface of membrane anchors to cytoskeleton Peripheral proteins Membrane Protein Functions Pores, channels, carriers, pumps (semi-permeable) (semi-permeable) Receptors, identity (sensitivity) (sensitivity) Adhesion, second messenger systems, enzymes Plasma Membrane and Transport 3 BIO 201 Overview of Membrane Transport Plasma membrane is selectively permeable controls which things enter or leave the cell movement of particles is down their concentration gradient transports particles against their concentration gradient Simple diffusion and f l l d ff d facilitated diffusion require no ATP d d ff Active transport requires ATP Simple Diffusion...
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