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Thermodynamics 9. Entropy calculations and third law

Thermodynamics 9. Entropy calculations and third law -...

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Thermodynamics 9. Entropies for Materials Read in text: Sections 3.4, 3.4 Problems, page 115 1. 3.14 2. 3.15 Variation of S with T (no phase change): Constant V process: ( ) V C T dS dT T = Constant P process: ( ) P C T dS dT T = Entropies for materials Plot ( ) / P C T T versus T for each phase from T=0 up to temperature T ; show the phase transitions Then S(T) = S(0) + contribution from each
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Unformatted text preview: phase change + contribution from each phase(s, l, g) What about S(T = 0)? The Third Law of Thermodynamics S(0) = 0 for ‘perfect’ crystalline materials. S(0) is not zero for ‘everything’. Tables of ‘absolute’ entropies for materials Use tables to calculate S ∆ for chemical reactions...
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