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Unformatted text preview: University of California Santa Barbara, Department of Chemical Engineering ChE 210A: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics Problem set #3 Due: Friday, October 16, 2009 Objective: To understand the properties of the fundamental equation, and the features of reversible and irreversible processes. Helpful reminders: Aim to spend about 20 minutes per point for this problem set. First spend 10 minutes per point sketching out strategies for answers and, if you are able, working through the problems. Note things that are confusing or unclear to you. Then, revisit your notes, the lecture notes, or the course texts. If you still cannot make progress on your own, seek clarifications by collaborating with other students or by talking with the TA or instructor. 1. Statistical antics : The 22 nd century travel bureau has the following guided short adventure vacations available to you. Which do you choose? (a) a trip back in time to a famous historical event, (b) a trip across the solar system, (c) a trip through a living system (through shrinking / unshrinking technology), (d) a trip to the future, (e) a trip near the speed of light, or (f) a trip to the Bahamas. 2. Fundamentals problem (3 points). Consider intensive quantities and their relation to thermodynamic states. a) Find the fundamental equation for the intensive quantity ĝ G ¡/¢ , in differential form. Also give an expression for the pressure £ in terms of ĝ and ¤̂ G ¥/¢ . Define ¦ § ¨ ©ª G «/¢ . b) For a single-phase, single-component system, consider the following list of intensive variables: ¬, £,­,¤,¨ . Write down the complete list of pairs of these variables that each uniquely specifies the state of the system....
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PS3 - University of California Santa Barbara, Department of...

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