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Salvador Dali Salvador Dali is one of the most well-known Surrealists of his time. He was a very imaginative person whose art may not have had a specific meaning but it was there. He once said “. ..just because I don't know the meaning of my art, does not mean it has no meaning. ..” He was not only a painter but also worked with sculptures, fashion, theatre, and photography. Salvador Dali was born Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dali I Domenech on May 11, 1904 in Figueres, Spain. His parents were Salvador Dali i Cusí and Felipa Domenech Ferrés. His father was a, middle-class lawyer and notary. Salvador’s mother supported him with his work and was very close to him. Dali attended the San Fernando Academy of Fine Arts in Madrid. In 1925 in Barcelona, Dali had his first one-man show where many recognized his talent. Three of his paintings were shown in the third annual Carnegie International Exhibition in Pittsburgh in 1928, where he became internationally recognized. Dali joined the surrealists, which were led by former Dadaist Andre Breton. That same year, Dali met Gala Eluard when she visited him in Cadaques. She soon became Dali's wife, business manager, and inspiration. When Dali’s wife, Gala, died he became more ill. He was burned in a fire in his home in Pubol. In 1986, he had a pacemaker put in but after this he spent
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most of his time indoors and secluded. Salvador Dali died on January 23, 1989 of heart failure. Dali became one of the leaders of the Surrealist movement. Dali’s political beliefs clashed with those of the surrealists. He was accused of being interested in the fascist
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doc 3 - Salvador Dali Salvador Dali is one of the most...

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