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Performance and Career Management a

Performance and Career Management a - Performance and...

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Performance and Career Management Last week InterClean selected our new sales team. Now that the extensive training and development program are behind us and everybody is knowledgeable on the products, services and performance expectations, I will be responsible for implementing the career management plan. A career management plan is an important piece to an employee’s growth and development preparation throughout his or her career. This plan will permit an individual on how to reach their goals and help them know where they want to be. Once this plan take affect each employee will be made aware of his or her strengths and weakness, which can make them a more successful employee. Also, employees develop a more realistic sense of what is expected of them on-the-job and what their future with the organization will entail. Performance Evaluation and Feedback I have designed a job performance evaluation form to appraise each employee performance individually as well as evaluate you as a team. I want to speak with each individual and will give him or her feedback to assist with improving their performance, after reviewing their performance evaluation. Your initial meeting will be three months after orientation to discuss any issues or concerns that an employee may have with meeting individual and organization goals. After the initial meeting, the performance evaluation with be semi-annually and annually
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