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History Study guide answers

History Study guide answers - 2 What was the fate of...

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Liberum Veto- Enlightened Despotism- Populism- Modernism- New Nationalism- Kerensky- Petrograd Soviet - Agrarianism- Herder- Harrow- Fascism- New Economic Policy- Kossuth- Old Commandant- Pilsudski- Critical Intelligentsia- DeKulakization- 1 st Five-Year Plan- Frankfurt Assembly- Rasputin- ESSAYS 1. Why did the period of Dual Power in Russia in 1917 fail to lead to the establishment of a liberal democracy?
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Unformatted text preview: 2. What was the fate of liberal parliamentarism in CEE during the interwar period? What accounts for this fate? 3. What role did CEE nationalism play in the outbreak of WWI?...
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