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MIDTERMSTUDYGUIDE2009 - HIST 2002 Midterm Study Guide...

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HIST 2002 Midterm Study Guide General: The midterm will be held on Monday, October 12 th , in class. You must bring an unmarked, full-sized bluebook and hand it to the instructor at the beginning of class. Bluebooks will then be redistributed to the class on a random basis. Because this is an ex requirement, failure to bring/provide an unused bluebook will result in a five-point deduction in your exam grade. Exams with pag torn out when handed in will be deemed evidence of cheating and graded accordingly . Part One (45%): Identify and explain the significance of three of the following terms : Six of the terms listed below will appear on the midterm. You will be asked to write a response to three of them. This response should identify/define the term (or personage, or event) as precisely as possible. It should also, to the extent possible, link it up to the broader issue(s) and/or event(s) to which it is related. Answers should be one paragraph in length. Each answer will be worth a maximum of 30 pts., for a total of 90 pts. for this section.
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