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Brooks Ross History 2002 November 17, 2009 What is a “communist eye?” In her book “How we survived Communism and Even Laughed,” Slavenka Drakulic describes a “communist eye” as the “third spiritual eye placed in the middle for one’s forehead, this eye scans only a certain type of phenomenon; it is selective for injustice.” (Drakulic 119) This phenomenon is the reason why poverty sticks with us and the ideals of equality and justice haven’t. A communist eye also shows how homeless in the city disturb the wealthy while they are in the comfort of their wealthy homes.
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Unformatted text preview: Drakulic was amazed with the amount of homeless people in New York. She was also shocked on how she saw the prejudice because of the "communist eye" that stays with people who live under communism. Coming from another country she sees this communist eye clearly through the prejudice, injustice and racism coming from the large gap of social class in the United States. Drakulic, Slavenka. How we Survived Communism and Even Laughed HarperCollins Publishers Inc. 1993....
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