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Gentle Spirit Paper - 1 Brooks Ross History 2002 John Hatch...

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Brooks Ross History 2002 John Hatch September 24, 2009 Topic 1 There are many wealthy born individuals that often do not choose to benefit from their riches and selective opportunities they are given. Sometimes being around this upper class leads an individual more toward a revenging lifestyle at society. “A Superfluous Man,” in Russian literature can be summarized as a man who does not choose to fit to the standards that society has given him and often rebels from his upper class. “A Gentle Spirit” by Fyodor Dostoevsky exemplifies “The Superfluous Man” in Russian literature through a pawnbroker’s disparaging nature and ideal of discounting social values and standards. The definition of “A Superfluous Man” consists of many traits that the pawnbroker shares. The first is a superfluous man is usually an intelligent individual raised in the upper class. The second is that superfluous a man is aware of the stupidity surrounding him and remains a bystander. The third is he often is distressed from another being, usually the opposite sex. 1 In the short story “A Gentle Spirit,” Dostoevsky uses a pawnbroker to exemplify the “Superfluous Man.” The pawnbroker was born into an upper-class family. His godmother was a “wealthy old lady” and left him with a three thousand dollar will,
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Gentle Spirit Paper - 1 Brooks Ross History 2002 John Hatch...

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