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FINALEXAMSTUDYGUIDE09 - HIST 2002 Final Exam Study Guide...

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Unformatted text preview: HIST 2002 Final Exam Study Guide Final Exam: TUESDAY, Dec. 15, 4:30-6:00, Hellems 211 **For the final exam, we will conduct a bluebook exchange. You must bring an unmarked, full-sized bluebook and hand it in to the instructor at the beginning of class. There should be no pages torn out of the bluebook, before, during, or after the exam. Exams wi pages torn out when handed in will be deemed evidence of cheating and graded accordingly . Bluebooks will then be redistributed t the class on a random basis. Because this is an exam requirement, failure to bring/provide an unused bluebook will result in a five- point deduction in your exam grade. Ninety minutes will be provided for taking the exam. Part One (150 points): Identify and explain the significance. Ten of the following terms will appear on the final exam. You will be asked to write on five of them. Each ID will be worth 30 points, for a total of 150. Your response should identify the term (or personage, or event) as precisely as possible. It should also, to the extent possible, link ishould identify the term (or personage, or event) as precisely as possible....
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