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History Paper - 1 Brooks Ross H istory of the US Since 1865...

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Brooks Ross History of the US Since 1865 Merle Funk February 3, 2009 Linderman vs. Anderson In the books “Pretty Shield: Medicine Woman of the Crows” and “Carlisle vs. Army”, Frank B. Linderman and Lars Anderson both portray the lives of a central character. Frank B. Linderman portrays the life of medicine woman, Pretty-Shield, in the Native American Crow Nation. Lars Anderson portrays the life of the well-known athlete, Jim Thorpe. In Linderman’s book, there was very little outside influence of the white man upon Native Americans. Most of Pretty-Shields life wasn’t affected by the major emigration that occurred in the mid 1800’s. In Anderson’s “Carlisle vs. Army”, it took place in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. Therefore, the life styles of the Native Americans were quite different, due to the white man. The two main characters were both presented with a great deal of conflict in there live that changes them and the people around them 1
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The role of competition and sports played a large role in both of these books. In “Pretty Shield: Medicine Woman of the Crows,” competition with neighboring tribes especially the Lakota tribe was very severe. Pretty Shield recounts, “Once the Lakota and Cheyenne and Arapaho came often to bother us. How our men did fight to hold our country against our enemies; and there were so many enemies of the Crows” (Linderman 19). ”In “Carlisle vs. Army,” sports and competition is the center of the book. Sports and competition is what shaped the Carlisle Indians into modern day sport stars. Jim Thorpe became an American hero for his amazing football ability. Thorpe loved the game of football and eventually took him to be an Olympian champion. Thorpe always wanted to prove he was the best and especially against the white people. This is one of Thorpe’s major drives that made him such a great athlete. The book
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History Paper - 1 Brooks Ross H istory of the US Since 1865...

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