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EALC%201011%20Recitation%20Q%20#2-1 - and why The passages...

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January 22, 2010 EALC 1011 Recitation Session Questions For next week’s recitation sessions (Jan 25-28) please bring this week’s readings (Jan 20 & 22) to class. Your discussion questions are: How do the Chinese accounts depict the peoples of Korea and Japan? What do the accounts emphasize? What do these accounts tell us about Korea and Japan, and what do they tell us about China? Which reading or readings do you find to reveal the most about early East Asian History
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Unformatted text preview: and why? The passages you will be focusing on are: “Origins of Korean Culture”: ‘Accounts of the Eastern Barbarians’ (p. 7); ‘Koguryo’ (pp. 9-10) “The Earliest Records of Japan”: ‘History of the Latter Han Dynasty’ (pp. 8-9); ‘History of the Sui Dynasty’ (pp. 10-11)...
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