GPSYC31610 - GPSYC101 Midterm Fact Developmental Psych Womb...

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Unformatted text preview: GPSYC101 Midterm Fact Developmental Psych Womb vs. Tomb Issues in developmental Psych Nature vs. Nurture Continuity vs. Discontinuity in development Example: find a start fish on the beach & when it grows it just looks bigger Continuous development: quantitative (get more or less of something) Skinner Discontinuity: Qualitative (change type not changing amount) Example: larva pupa adult See the world differently Talking about stages Piaget Individual differences in development Difference vs. Deficit Just b/c person does something different doesn’t mean its deficit Depends on the context Example: have dyslexia, which is a difference, but not a deficit unless put in situation that makes it a deficit Time as a variable 3 Interdependent Domains (always interacting together all the time & hard to separate each other) 1. Cognitive Piaget Built comprehensive theory about cognitive development *memorize stages in the book Scheme: Organized ways of making sense of experience Way to represent meaning The 1 st schemes are physical: reflexes i.e. touch inside of baby’s palm & scheme is that they close their hand & grasp your finger Equilibrium/ Disequilibrium Equilibrium = balance Disequilibrium = out of balance *remember we are always trying to make meaning out of what we see Always try to get schemes & experiences to line up Organization Rearranging & connecting existing structures Not based on experience it’s completely mental...
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GPSYC31610 - GPSYC101 Midterm Fact Developmental Psych Womb...

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