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Final: 100 questions Section on Love/Affection in Module 45 is Not on final LECTURE: Barnum Effect Get person to think they have ESP Changing Attitudes Get person to think/behave the way you think/ persuasion 3 things to have for communication: Someone who is giving the message (Sender) Someone who is going to hear the message (Receiver) Message Who: Credibility What: Expertise Goal: Trustworthy Chiaodini: 1. Reciprocation 2. Scarcity: things that are not as available to us are more attractive
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Authority: more likely to follow the lead of a famous people/ someone we look up to 4. Commitment: get person to agree to do a small thing, so that later person do something bigger (Foot-in-the-door & Cognitive Dissonance) 6. Liking: more willing to say yes to someone who they know and like 7. Concensus: more willing to yes to a request if we have a lot of people around us are saying yes...
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