What is - Drowsy – apla waves –during transition between sleep& wake 4 stages of sleep& REM higher the deeper the sleep Stage 1 – meta

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What is Consciousness? Defined as what you are aware of – mental processes, thoughts, feelings & perceptions It is a property of many mental processes Functions of Consciousness Preconsicious- can b aware of but you aren’t now Unconscious – mental events are actually kept out of conscious Nonconscious – mental process is totally removed from conscious processing Awareness- you choose what you look at Change blindess- miss large changes Top-Down Processing Most common one is sleep Problems if rhythms are distrupted Sleep – different animals have different sleep/wake cycles Very susceptible to light *awake – low voltage, high frequence waves
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Unformatted text preview: Drowsy – apla waves –during transition between sleep & wake 4 stages of sleep & REM/ higher #, the deeper the sleep Stage 1 – meta waves Stage 2 – actually asleep – see stage 1 w/ spindles Stages 3& 4 – slow wave sleep don’t move, sleep walking REM sleep/Paradoxical sleep – body heavy & doesn’t move a lot, close to awkae, dreams, flashes of memory Repound – if deprived of a certain stage you’re body will try to catch up Stage 4 predominant in early evening REM stage – early morning Dreams Freud – wishful fulfillment Have feelings during our day that we push down to the unconscious Cartwrigh – problem solving Major problems in our life can’t be turned off so dreams help solve problems...
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