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Aaron Boush Rachel Doherty Ashley McWilliams Vicki Truong HSA 366 AARP Paper The American Association of Retired Persons, more commonly known as AARP, was established in 1985 under the National Retired Teachers Association. This group was founded to help promote a healthy and productive lifestyle for those individuals who are fifty years of age and above. AARP is an interest group devoted to protecting rights of those retiring and creating public awareness surrounding current issues derived from this population. AARP is one of the largest interest groups representing the elder population with approximately forty million members to date. This organization provides its members with a wide range of services such as information on retirement benefits to everyday discounts. It mainly seeks to address those who have difficulty in meeting their everyday basic needs, specifically low income individuals, women, and minorities. It also provides those who are fifty years of age and over a profound voice in the political world where policies are being created that may greatly affect their lives in a positive or negative way. Their main motive within the interest group is to promote positive social change. AARP is driven by their notable motto stating: “To serve, not be served.” ( Under the Lobbying Disclosure Act (LDA), a Professional lobbyist is a person who is compensated by an outside client or by his employer to lobby the government. Professional lobbyists are separated into two types: In-House and Outside lobbyists. AARP employs In-House lobbyists, who lobby on behalf of their organizations' interests. These individuals are chosen to
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be involved in direct contact with elected officials (Glossary). During which, they will lobby issues at the state and governmental level. AARP lobbyists that are hired by AARP include: Alvarez, Debra Doneghy, Marther Thomas Kahsai, Dawit Riddick, Blenda Backus, Harroll Donnellan, Kevin Keckeisen, Kristin
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AARP paper - Aaron Boush Rachel Doherty Ashley McWilliams...

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