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Vermont State Reform - Vicki Truong Jessica Baulch HSA 366...

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Vicki Truong & Jessica Baulch HSA 366 11/19/2009 Vermont State Reform Summary The state of Vermont began its health care reform with several goals in mind. Some of which focused on the individual health of its citizens and others that made access to care easier with a higher quality as the standard. The focus of this paper is on the issues of quality of care across an individual’s lifespan and how legislative acts are being passed through the state congress to better the quality of care given to each patient and improve the overall health and experience each person has when they see a provider. Legislative initiative Safe Staffing and Quality Patient Care (Act 153) came about to help increase the ratio of staff members to patients. This information of staffing ratios was mandated to be included within hospital report cards and made known to the public. The hospital report cards were part of Act 53 that was passed in 2003, which gave information about the quality of care that a community hospital provided as well as its hospital infection rates, patient safety, and the staffing levels of Act 153 (passed in 2006). Both of those acts were partnered with Act 191 (also passed in 2006), Quality and Affordability. It was the hope of Vermont that with consumer knowledge about quality of health care products, as well as costs, that quality could be improved as well as an increase in cost control. Act 191 required that consumer insurers file what is called a Consumer Information Plan, which outlines how they will provide information regarding transparent pricing and quality so that the consumers may be empowered to make the best decisions for their personal health care. In addition, by 2011, the Plans will provide information on physicians and by 2013 they will give information on providers within their reports. Act 191 of 2006 also authorized the Vermont Department of Health to
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create Patient Safety Surveillance and Improvement Systems to monitor and improve patient safety, eliminate the occurrence of adverse events and to support the overall goal of quality improvement. Act 191 also included parts about advance directives, a multi- payer data collection project, information technology, and other such improvements. In another aspect, Act 142 of 2005-2005 “Sorry Works! Program” was to be piloted under the Commissioner of the Vermont Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities and Health Care Administration (a.k.a BISHCA) and was to be reported to the general assembly by January 15, 2009. The Act itself was centered around the release of information if a patient was harmed in the course of care and an early settlement offer pilot program was to be included in the administrative rules. A vote was taken to add a
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