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1) Learning Theories 2) Classical Conditioning i) Pavlov (1) Physiology (3) Study association with a normal thing that dog was born with ii) UCS = unconditioned stimuli iii) UCR = Unconditioned response (1) Unlearned, it just happens natural response iv) NS = Neutral stimuli (1) Stimulus that is suppose to make something happen but its something that no association has been made yet that catches our attention to do something (2) i.e. just ringing a bell v) CS = Conditioned Stimuli vi) CR = Conditioned Response vii)Conditioning = repeated pairing of UCS with NS
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Unformatted text preview: (1) Bone/food = unconditioned stimulus & it makes it salivate (unconditioned response) viii) Want each stimulus & response as close to each other as possible (repeated NS & UCS eventually turns NS into CS & UCR that was salivating has turned into CR) ix) Conditioned means that you have learned something x) Pavlov Conditions Fear (1) Metronome is NS (2) Metronome then shock = metronome(NS that has turned into xi) Seabiscuit xii)UCS= whip xiii) NS= xiv) CR= b) Phobias, Fetishes, etc. are formed this way:...
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