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Gpsyc101 Online Movie - and want to leave but cant...

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Gpsyc101 Online Movie 2/25/10 Sussa couple, grandparents, accused & prosecuted by the State dept. of corrections Prisoners, under house arrest, for molesting 2 grandchildren Every year thousands a year people like Susans convicted for molestation of children based off of the word of the children Interviewers lead kids on by how they ask interview questions Sam Stone study: told children that this Sam Stone came to school & was very clumsy & all he did sit there and left Asked kids a couple of days later to describe what Sam did & they all made up stories Kelly Michaels Trial Teacher convicted of molesting 19 children Said inserted objects into their anus/vagina Made children drink her urine & made them take their clothes off & lick peanut butter off of them Do you remember that time & Mr. ? made you stuck the penis We want you to tell us what Kelly did. & if kids say I don’t remember, interviewer pressed & said that children did remember. Children eventually start to cry
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Unformatted text preview: and want to leave but cant & so children make up stuff Dr. CCs experiment: pick a card out of 10 At first all kids say no Next week repeat question, by week 4-6 children start saying yes & will start giving perceptual detail Result: by 10 th week children giving highly elaborative narratives highly believable even though it didnt happen. Even after father told his son that it was all a test and it didnt happen, the kid still believed that it did. Using dolls lead kids on. When dolls were used to assess kids, half of the kids said that the doctor stuck things inappropriately in places & strangled them. Children can be so convincing & there is no good way to distinguish between when they are telling the truth or lying Important not to influence children. Try & ask more questions like what did person 1 do to you, How about person 2 If children start talking about being molested by multiple people there is reason to be suspicious...
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Gpsyc101 Online Movie - and want to leave but cant...

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