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9112010 - GPSYC101 Hypnosis Hypnosis An altered state of...

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Unformatted text preview: GPSYC101 Hypnosis 2/11/10 Hypnosis An altered state of consciousness that makes you more suggestible Hypnotic susceptibility is the degree to which a person responds to hypnotic suggestions Can't be made to do things that are against your morals Can't make people do anything if they don't want to do it (i.e. stop smoking) not mind control If someone is embarrassed about something then may be able to get them to say it Brought on by special techniques & that produces responsiveness to suggestions for changes in experience & behavior Main Changes in People during Hypnosis Reduced planning Redistributed attention Enhanced ability to fantasize Increased roletaking People are more prone to make stuff up or use their imagination to daydream i.e. say you're a wolf or you were abused & you say what you think a person abused would say (pretend & say what you think that person would say) Reduced realitytesting Applications of Hypnosis Has proven useful in relation to pain management Hypnotic suggestions can reduce (not get rid of): The use of hypnosis to aid memory is more controversial (problem is w/ memory) Hypnosis is not reliable for memory at all! Nausea & vomiting due to chemotherapy Surgical bleeding Characteristics of Hypnotically susceptible people A better ability to focus attention and ignore distraction An active imagining A tendency to fantasize A capacity for processing information quickly & easily A tendency to be suggestible Positivie attitude toward hypnosis (people who don't believe in it will not go under b/c they won't let themselves go under) A willingness to be hypnotized Most important characteristic Trusting the person who is doing the hypnotizing (more likely to go under if you trust the person) Suggestible & gullible are not the same thing Explaining hyp State Theory Role Theory Believe that hypnosis creates a separate state of consciousness A lot of people act as your suppose to act when people say they are under hypnosis Hypnotized people are acting in accordance w/ a social role that demands compliance Blacking out is completely unconsciousness Browning out you're actually doing things but not creating chemicals to process it Things to Know: Go over every drug in the book & be able to categorize them (i.e. depressant/stimulant/ etc.) Know classification ! Weed is a hard one b/c it has 2 Watch the rat cartoon science module online Know & understand cycle Psychological dependence vs. Physical dependence Physical= body actually gets sick & needs it to be in your system to function ...
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