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Alien Land Law 1913 (1) Identify - the state of California prohibited “aliens ineligible for citizenship” from owning land/property - targeted Asian immigrants and Asian Americans because they were a threat agriculturally to whites - invalidated in 1952 because it was ruled in violation of the 14th amendment in the case of Fujii v. California (2) Significance to race & class in LA - expands notion of whiteness: in order to own property you had to a citizen but in order to be a citizen the government had to identify you as being white - Also a way for whites to suppress the economic mobility of minorities + weaken the threat of competition in work force - Irony of whites making it their duty to “help” the lesser ethnicities yet they are the ones keeping minorities from assimilating by treating them as aliens - In LA law added fuel to the tension between whites and Japanese Americans í WWII Japanese internment camps (still looked at as foreigners X cannot be trusted) Westchester (1) Identify - Where: western Los Angeles (home of LAX airport & LMU) - “model residential community” 2 suburban privacy - Racially restrictive, built for white lower-middle class families - Fritz Burns (real estate mogul) developed boom of affordable tract homes - After WWII grew rapidly from aerospace industry forcing some residents to relocate (2) Significance to race & class in LA - Government supported building of homes for white middle class families + took away/destroyed homes of minorities - Homes for white WWII veterans proves + Federal Housing Act = whiteness - Allowed lower-middle class whites to move out of racially mixed communities (i.e. undesirable living) and into desirable all-white communities
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AMST_101_MIDTERM_STUDY GUIDE_4 - Alien Land Law 1913(1...

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