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Shelley v. Kramer ID- a trial in Illinois where a black family tried to move into a home, but was sued by a white man over a 30 year old covenant on the house. was a steps by the US government to abolish racially restrictive covenants. DISC- Seeing the potential in selling prime real estate in Compton, Newly open land was available to be new housing for immigrants after the trail. Compton prior to 1960 was a large area for restricted to immigrants. LA is a rich history of movement. Housing covenants keep the city racially separated, but with the advent of trail cases like this one, racial diversity begin to develop. but sometimes people could still not move in because of racially motivated home pricing. Central Avenue ID: Contained the largest concentrations of blacks in Los Angeles during the 1940 and 50's Located in downtown Los Angeles running North to South The area so diverse and full of immigrants where no one group dominated This community was full of the working class connects little tokyo all the way to Compton DISC: Large integration of the middle class that happened know where else in the city even with areas with no housing covenants. This community around Central Avenue was a haven for 2nd generation immigrants because the area was full integration in marriage. Bronzeville ID: the name given to the area of Little Tokyo after the interment of Japanese Americans, do to the fact that a large portion of blacks and mexican moved into the area. name could be a combination of blacks and mexicans, and is a homage to the ethnic density of the area blacks filled little tokyo because most rest of the city had housing covenants on blacks so they filled where ever they could "slum" condition arose do to over crowding DISC: Area was a magnate for asian immigrants until the 1924 johnson - reed immigration act. When blacks replaced the japanese they created nigh clubs and bars, and turned into slums that the city
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AMST_101_MIDTERM_STUDY GUIDE_5 - Shelley v. Kramer IDa...

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