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AMST_101_MIDTERM_STUDY GUIDE_6 - Americanization = The act...

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Americanization = The act in which a culture is greatly influenced by American culture. It can be in many forms whether it is culture, business or food. Historical Concept Assimilation – Incorporation of different culture Done through/aimed at women – women are always at home helping and educating the next generation so you start interception through there Cultural exchange/ change – cultures influence each other, Mexican American food, style of clothing Repatriation – Immigrants are sent back to their home country however during their entrance to the United States and deportation they carry with them influenced cultures. Immigrants – The influence of Americanization on immigrants can include events such as food (Fusion food types), culture, style of dress (Zoot Suit). Immigrants make up huge parts of Los Angele, China town, Korean town, Little Tokyo are all great examples of how Americanization of a certain culture is influenced. Intergenerational differences –difference between parents and children interaction, siblings interaction. Language difference, culture clothing style difference. Language differences such as siblings speaking to each other in English while talking their mother tongue with their parents. (Found in Zoot Suit movie). The second generation in most races will be more likely than older generation to try out newer things around a city, so youths of different race may be likely to be brought together by common appreciations such as music, arts and hobbies. Home Teacher Act – provide schooling to immigrants through teaching them English and American way of life. Females were focused on due to their larger influence towards the second generation. Takao Ozawa – A Japanese American who placed great emphasize in following the American life style such as dressing, talking, eating like an American. Takao Ozawa a Japanese American who went all the way to Supreme Court in hopes of becoming a naturalized citizen however was turned down and denied citizenship due to him being not a Caucasian Eugenics : The study and practice of selective breeding with the aim and intention of improving the species or “improving human genetic qualities”. Whites identified individuals and families who were poor, sick, physically challenged or in any other minority group and classified them as degenerate and unfit. After this, they separated them from the rest of the population which was white (segregation) or institutionalized them to rid society of them. They also measured skills
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