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29. Aliso Village Aliso Village was one of the first 5 housing project in Los Angeles. It was built in in 1942 and demolished 1999. It was located at the northern part of the Utah Street later known as Aliso Village and was considered one of the most impoverished areas of the city. -Wagner Act in 1937-for every low-rent unit to be built, a unit of slum housing had ot be demolished, if not on the exact site of the new housing then through “equivalent elimination” in some other part of the city-helped destroyed the neighborhood. State and local authorities took advantage of the right to demolish parts of the city via eminent domain. -Racial Formation & the Firgure of neighborhood -maintainance of white privilege -destroy more houses than created -further segregate the neighborhood -designation of “slums” -fortify eminent domain The Figure of the neighbor: Four neighborhoods across the city (the Flats, Aliso Village, Rodger young village and Westchester) offer physical evidence of the space between house and city, and the zone between domestic privacy and the public realm. The Flats and Aliso Village were initially laid out with utopian goals in mind while being highly segregated from Los Angeles. They were mainly composed of poor working-class Mexican-descents along with recently emigrated Russians. The neighborhood was densely populated while being poorly built. After the Flats were demolished, Aliso Village were implemented primly to shelter the poor and to also Americanize the growing immigrant population that was settling in. Rodger Young village was a temporary veteran’s housing where the social interaction of the residents is rather tight and can be seen through the various comities they form to combat certain issues, whereas this is almost non existent in the Flats and Aliso Village. This neighborhood was composed of all races. Westchester, resided by
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AMST_101_MIDTERM_STUDY GUIDE_8 - 29. Aliso Village Aliso...

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