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AMST_101_MIDTERM_STUDY GUIDE_9 - Repatriation Unemployment...

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Repatriation Unemployment relief Give Mexicans a ticket to “voluntarily” return to Mexico Basically told Mexican families to take the free ticket or else wouldn’t get relief Whites felt that Mexicans were taking the few jobs available that should be reserved for them (although these jobs were low wage jobs that whites felt too good for) Changed the shift of Mexican population in LA Wanted to expand the power of whiteness by removing Blamed Mexicans for economic conditions and therefore wanted to removed them (related to Japanese internment, 1941) Idea that race not citizenship mattered Americanization Early 19 th C Programs to make immigrants more American Aimed at Mexicans and Mexican-Americans The power of whiteness Immigrants were not good enough Even though they had the opportunity to assimilate, citizenship was out of reach Programs prepared them for second class jobs e.g. agricultural and domestic workers (most Mexicans and Mexican-Americans are still connected with these types of jobs) Native born were also categorized as unequal Compton: City in Southern California 1920s-1950s Ideal home city and was a residential center for industrial workers Received the All-American Cities Award Black residential mobility Greatest number of gangs Whites refused to sell to blacks/Mexicans Shelley v. Kramer Barrows v. Jackson Finally neighborhood integration 1963 Political headway Blacks gained 3 out of 15 seats on the LA City Council Douglas Dollarhide First black city councilman then first black mayor
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1970’s Stores were closing and the city was a mess Children were now ashamed of where they lived
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  • Spring '10
  • Mexican American, Zoot suit, Restrictive covenants, racially restrictive covenants, racially restrictive covenant

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AMST_101_MIDTERM_STUDY GUIDE_9 - Repatriation Unemployment...

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