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Whiteness and citizenship It’s about real rights, not just color Who is considered white? Another way to separate people according to race Government chooses what race you were (aka if you are white or not) Time spent in American doesn’t matter because you’re judged on where you cam from Powerful metaphor formed in relationship to others Significance: If you’re whit and poor, at least you’re white If you’re white, you’re part of this great civilization advancement You could became a citizen but you still didn’t have equal rights (unless you were white) During Frank Shaw’s repatriation, citizenship didn’t matter, Mexicans went back Pedro J Gonzalez Mexican musical composer of corridos (in los angeles), composer of the song “El Lavaplatos” about the immigrant from Mexico who dreams of coming to America and gaining economic prosperity but instead is only able to get a job as a dishwasher and returns to Mexico with less money than he had before he came, worked as a longshoreman before he was discovered as a musician, performed for both the Mexican population and the Anglo population who felt a nostalgia for the original founders of LA, was able to move to Belvedere, became one of the first Mexican radio personalities and had his show from 4am to 6am on KELW(an English speaking radio station) because during that time many of the Mexican immigrants were on their way to work whereas the radio station did not have a large anglo or English speaking audience that early in the morning, on his radio show he played music and gave information about jobs, He is a significant person because he stood up for the rights of the Mexicans Americans living in Los Angeles. He was a symbol of the immigrants and the struggles they had to face. For instance, his most famous song “el lavaplatos” tells the story many immigrants who tried to make a living
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AMST_101_MIDTERM_STUDY GUIDE_11 - Whiteness and citizenship...

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