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AMST_final exam key terms-5 - 17. What is globalization?...

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17. What is globalization? Definition : - A process by which regional economies, societies, and cultures have become integrated through a globe-spanning network of communication and trade. In the lecture the term is used in reference to an economic globalization. Globalization is tied closely to deindustrialization and you cannot talk about one without referring to the other. LA had the 2 nd largest auto industry in the US. These were unionized well paying jobs which created a middle class in LA. These jobs were starting to open up to minorities through integration but in the 1970s, because of globalization, the auto industry and all related industries become unprofitable. As these jobs disappear whites move away from these industrial centers and move to the suburbs. Jobs follow to the suburbs as well. From 1979 – 1989 manufacturing jobs become low paying and are taken mostly be recent immigrants. As a result of globalization middle pay jobs and the middle-class disappear and inner city economy is depressed. Globalization is the rapid increase in cross-border economic, social, technological exchange under conditions of capitalism. Globalization influences all spheres of our life: culture, business, trade, politics, environment and even our mentality. It connects different countries and nations, makes their cooperation easier. It makes everything and everyone similar or even identical. The relationship of glabalization with Race and Class in Los Angeles. The concept of globalization implies the development of business and industry integrated with different countries of the world. Consequently it leads to the interaction of people of these nations. People start moving around between the countries. As Los Angeles is one of the world’s biggest industry cities, it means that a lot of
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AMST_final exam key terms-5 - 17. What is globalization?...

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