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AMST_final exam key terms-10 - 38. Domestic work as "real...

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38. Domestic work as “real work” (Domestica P.9-10) This occupation is often not recognized as employment because it takes place in a private home. Another important factor that prevents paid domestic work form being recognized as real work is its personal, idiosyncratic nature, especially when it involves the daily care of children or the. The tasks that domestic workers do (cleaning, cooking, care for children) are associated with women’s “natural” expressions of love for their families. Thus, the work of wives and mothers is not seen as real work. Domestic work was mainly done by immigrant women who often traveled from east LA to west LA by the bus system to serve houses that were owned by upper-class families. It was significant because it gave the opportunity for the immigrant workers to make money and transition to work out of domestic work. "real work" is in quotes because domestic/household work is seen as something that is natural and not real work like running a business. The significance is that because it is a racialized and gendered job - i.e. because it is immigrant women who do this work, that it is not valued as a real job. However it is a real job because it entails hard labor and long hours. 40. Asian flak (it’s actually spelt flack according to the readings) Asian flack is how Asians are stereotypically publicized to the general audience. It is believed that the stereotype that the Asian flack was a result of how the “Chinese immigrants displayed their
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AMST_final exam key terms-10 - 38. Domestic work as "real...

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